Terry Towel Cot Bed Mattress Protector Fitted Sheet

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  • Durability: Our Terry Towel waterproof cot bed mattress protector with an upper layer of Polyurethane fabric is extremely durable
  • Premium Quality: Made from 100% pure Poly-Cotton material, our Cot Mattress Protector is body friendly
  • Perfect Fit: With its stretchable fabric, it can be easily put on or taken off the mattress, for washing or changing.
  • Peaceful Sleep: With its excellent high-quality material, our mattress protector is rustle-free.
  • Washable: Keeping your terry towel mattress protector clean has never been easier.


Our Terry Towel Cot Mattress Protector keeps your mattress safe from stains, tears, and flattening and gives you a smoother bedding for a soundless sleep. Its soft and cozy layer will give you a luxurious experience, keeping your mattress safe providing relaxed support and tender warmth in your life with its noise-resistant characteristic. Just settle in on our super soft cot bed waterproof mattress protector for a real feel. Don’t shy away from adding a layer of comfort to your sleep.

Sleep like a Baby
Aren’t you always tired of finding the right spot to sleep and getting disturbed by the ruffling sounds of your unsettled body? Say goodbye to all the restlessness! Now with our Terry Towel mattress cover’s smooth surface, gently slide and nestle in on our cloud-like mattress protector for a sound sleep. A blend of comfort and smoothness with terry towel surface makes it easier for you to breathe and stay tucked in for an undisturbed peaceful night.

For Parents
Are you training your child for potty training yet sometimes they end up wetting the bed? Well, fear not! With our extra absorbent terry towel waterproof mattress protector cot bed, you can protect your mattress from liquid or leakage as the special designed absorbent loops suck up everything, keeping your mattress and child happy and moist free.

An Ideal Gift
Our mattress cover with its flawless utility makes it the perfect gift for your loved ones, a token of care for their sleep and dreams. It is an ideal gift especially for couples on an anniversary, Housewarming, New Year, Christmas, or Birthdays and give a beautiful finishing touch to their bedding.

Material: 100% Poly-Cotton
Color: White
Size: Cot
Dimensions: 70 x 140cm
Weight: 420g
Depth: 15cm
Features: Water-Resistant, Noise-Resistant, Super Soft, Warm and Breathable

Choose your size for a Perfect Fit because our Mattress Protector is a True Home Make!


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