Complete guideline to find the best mattress protector

In addition to having a good bed and quality mattress, buying a quality waterproof mattress protector sheet is essential to secure your investment for a long time.  A mattress protector keeps your mattress stain-free and also draws moisture away to make you sleep comfortably throughout the night. It also helps your mattress to remain new and disinfected for a longer duration and prevents general wear and tear. They are easy to use and removed for washing. But buying the best protector is a difficult task as there is a lot of variety present in the market. There are also many things you should consider such as if you want to look for cot protectors then a Terry towel cot bed mattress protector fitted with a sheet is an ideal option for you. Here I provide you a complete guide about the best mattress protectors. So let’s dive in to learn;

Types of mattress protectors

Mattress protectors are available in different sizes that act as a shield for your mattress and bed bugs, dust mites, and accidental spills. They are made up of different materials and divided into mainly three categories. These are as follow;


They are just like fitted sheets that can slide over the edges and mattress ends. You can find every size in this type from a single cover waterproof mattress protector sheet to a king-size mattress protector fitted sheet.

Elastic straps

The elastic straps mattress protectors have an elastic lash that can be fitted over all the edges of the bed mattress.


The zippered mattress protectors are such that entirely cover the mattress, proceeding as a cautious safeguard over both sides of the mattress. It is similar to a padded cover that encases the mattress from every one of the sides.

Few specific functions offered by the mattress protectors

Dust mites mattress protectors

Dust mites are tiny creatures that live on human skin. They are the source of various allergies. Mattress protectors that have dust mite insurance generally have an antimicrobial treatment to provide protection against these bugs. Mattress protectors that have big pores may permit the residue bugs to go into the sheets.

Waterproof mattress protectors

The mattress protectors that use waterproof fabric offer protection from bed getting wet because of perspiring, bed-wetting children and water and so forth Clients who have infants and little children can profit from this kind of waterproof protector having a breathable covering that prevents and locks the dampness from entering the sleeping pad.

Bed bug mattress protectors

These mattress protectors have zipped covers that encompass a mattress completely. They protect the clients from bed bugs that are kept from entering the texture of a mattress. Bed bug mattress protectors are for the most part composed of a thick synthetic material like polyester that doesn’t let the bed bugs enter through the mattress texture.


These protectors are graceful and waterproof sorts, incorporating a breathable medium that forestalls getting disturbed in rest by irritating noises, in contrast to other regular mattress protectors.

Polypropylene mattress protectors:

Polypropylene mattress protectors are light in weight, yet incredibly solid and have less dampness retention. Subsequently, these sorts are impervious to dampness and stain and are not difficult to clean because of lightweight.

Characteristics of the best mattress protectors

Although everyone has different needs there are some common characteristics you should consider while purchasing the best according to your needs. These features include;


The mattress protectors are available in a variety of sizes so you should consider your mattress size while purchasing because you can not use a single cover waterproof mattress protector sheet on the king-size mattress.


If you are allergic to certain types of fabric then look for the one that suits best your needs.


Many protectors extra pads or consoles to provide extra comfort to your sleeping environment.

Thread count

A luxurious mattress protector always has a high thread count.

Easy washing

It is the main component that you should look for while making a purchase. Make sure the one which you are going to buy is easy to wash and wipe off with a cloth.


For a cooling effect, it is best to look for a breathable mattress protector that does not cause sweats while sleeping.

The mattress protectors can be of different kinds that are discussed above. When you are out to purchase mattress protectors for your mattresses for back pain or any standard mattresses, ensure you look at the features like size, texture, thickness, string tally, sort of anti-allergenic material use, and pore size of the material. The material of most of the mattress protectors is either cotton, engineered, polyester, vinyl, or a mix of various materials. So choose the one that is according to your needs. We provide the complete guide and hope it will be helpful. If you find it helpful, comment below, we respect your reviews.