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We moved and bought new bedding for the children. Two of them are using older mattresses, so I bought these covers for them. They are soft, comfortable, and cool in the Summer heat. They don’t make noise or crinkle. I forgot to check for unique washing guidelines and basically washed them on HOT with the rest of the bedding. They’re fine!
I’m impressed with the quality and the price.
These mattress covers are great. I was impressed by the quality right out of the bag, it fits my full size mattress just right and it seems to help the sheets to stay in place and not bunch up. I recommend this seller.
Within the first 24 hours of putting this on our bed our toddler spilled and entire 64oz bottle of Gatorade on our bed. I was happy to see I only needed to remove and wash my sheet and this cover! Our memory foam mattress was still completely dry!! Greatly recommended product.
Vanessa Little
Aubree Schmidt
Sarah Jefferson

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